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Lessons with Leeya

Wherever you Are...

I offer in-home piano or accordion lessons to students in and around Nashville, TN. (I am currently residing in Fairview, TN).

I also offer private piano or accordion lessons to anyone and everyone in the entire world via Zoom!

Tailored For You

What kind of music really moves you? 

I strive to provide a well rounded musical education, while also catering to your interests.

Reach your Goals

Lessons are weekly. 

I help my students to keep on track with weekly goals and encourage them to make a practice routine. 

There will be opportunities to perform for your peers.

   When I began piano lessons at age six, practicing was more of my parent's idea than my own until middle school when it began to click for me.

   I contribute this change of tune when I started taking lessons from a different teacher who opened my eyes to the world of improvisation and playing by ear. I've had a variety of instructors over the past twenty-four years, which has not only helped me to develop my own diverse musical style, but also to create a flexible approach to teaching others.

     I have proudly worked over the past decade with students of all ages and skill levels. 



30 minutes - $22

1 hour - $44


In Person:

30 Minutes - $25

1 hour - $50

* Discounts available for multiple students per household, for college students, or for anyone who really needs it.

** Cancellations must be made 24 hours in advance.

I am available Monday-Friday, 11 - 6pm CST.

Please message me to find the best time for you.

My Schedule

I'd love to hear from you!

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