Lessons with Leeya


for You

What kind of music really moves you? Are you a singer songwriter at heart, or maybe a composer? Have you always wanted to play like your favorite artist?

I strive to provide a well rounded musical education, while also catering to your interests.

Reach your Goals

In addition to meeting  each week, I ask you keep a practice journal in order to keep track of what to work on. I'll also provide you with study materials such as videos and personalized recordings to keep your daily practice routine interesting and motivating.

Meet the Community

Learning is always better with friends! I encourage my students to reach out to each other and share their passion for music.

I offer a Facebook group page for enrollees, and I host monthly virtual recitals via Zoom where we can get together and hear what we've been working on.

When I began piano lessons at age six, practicing was more of my parent's idea than my own until middle school when it began to click for me.

I contribute this change of tune when I started taking lessons from a different teacher who opened my eyes to the world of improvisation and playing by ear. I've had a variety of instructors over the past twenty-three years, which has not only helped me to develop my own own diverse musical style, but also to create a flexible approach to teaching others.

     I have proudly worked over the past decade with students of all ages and skill levels, individually and in groups. From my personal experience and from my training at Chico State,

I have developed teaching techniques to cater to my students' interests and unique ways of learning.  

I offer in-home piano lessons to students in the western vicinity of Nashville, Tennessee. 

I also offer private piano lessons to anyone and everyone in the entire world via Zoom!


30 Minutes - $20

45 Minutes - $30

1 hour - $40

*I request monthly payments via either PayPal or Venmo.

**Cancellations must be made 24 hours in advance.

Interested? I'd love to hear from you!

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