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Story from Under the Leaves

A compilation of Leeya's original piano compositions
From 2012 to 2018

Throughout my adventures over the past twenty-eight years, I have always considered Butte County to be my home. I was living there with my family when the Camp Fire devastated the town in November, 2018. I won’t dwell on the grief and anguish this disaster brought to me and my loved ones… I’m certain that the loss of my childhood home will continue to change the course of my life in many unpredictable ways. A new chapter is to come, but now is the time to reflect back on all that Paradise, California provided for me and my family.
Each piece from this album is a part of the soundtrack that made up my time spent in this area. It’s a compilation of compositions I began to record at my home in the spring of 2016, and finished in the winter of 2019. When I began studying at Chico State, I made some friends in the recording arts department and was able to record some of the pieces using exceptional equipment. The quality of the recordings and level of piano skills vary from piece to piece as a result, but some of the earlier pieces had too much character for me to discard. I feel each recording is a patch in a larger sonic quilt.
I can’t think of a better time to share these musical stories with my fellow friends in the greater Butte County community as well as with everyone who may need to hear them. I hope they can become a part of your own soundtrack for wherever your story takes you.

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